Excursion to Santa Claus Village: Photo with Santa Claus, Certificate, & Lunch Included!
Price from: 145.99 €

Visit Santa Claus and get your exclusive photo with Santa!

 3 hours and 30 minutes

Santa Claus Premium: Photo with Santa Claus, Reindeer & Husky Safari, and Lunch Included!
Price from: 275.99 €

Spend a day in Santa Claus Village, have fun in reindeer & husky safari, and get your own photo with...

 4 hours and 30 minutes

Happy Family Day Tour with Santa Claus: Visit Santa Claus Village & Santa Park in One Day
Price from: 235.99 €

Have an unforgettable memory with Santa Claus by joining this Santa Claus day tour!

 6 hours

Daytour to Ranua Zoo - Wave Hello to Arctic Animals
Price from: 139.99 €

Take one day tour to the Ranua wildlife park and wave hello to the Arctic animals!

 5 hours and 30 minutes

Unforgettable aurora hunting tour
Price from: 150.99 €

Aurora hunting tour with professional aurora guide!

 4 hours

Snowshoe Trekking with Campfire
Price from: 109.99 €

Snowshoe trekking in the snowy forest is one of the must-not-miss experience during the Nordic winte...

 3 hours

Ice Fishing Excursion with Campfire
Price from: 109.99 €

Experience the Finnish winter by joining the ice-fishing excursion tour with us!

 3 hours and 30 minutes

Self-Driven Husky Safari in Santa Claus Village (1 hr programme)
Price from: 119.00 €

Become a husky musher by join our self-driven husky safari tour!

 1 hour

Self-Driven Husky Safari in Santa Claus Village (30 min programme)
Price from: 95.00 €

Become a husky musher by join our self-driven husky safari tour!

 30 minutes

Snowmobile, Husky Safari, and Campfire from Rovaniemi
Price from: 265.99 €

Enjoy Snow mobile and Husky safari in one go!

 4 hours

2h Snowmobile Safari from Rovaniemi (CO2 compensated)
Price from: 129.99 €

Discover Lapland’s unique snowy nature and the fun of snowmobiling with us!

 2 hours

Reindeer Farm Visit and Sleigh Ride Safari
Price from: 185.99 €

Enjoy the long sleigh ride reindeer safari with us in one of the most traditional reindeer farms in ...

 2 hours